Pipelines are the most efficient way to get petroleum products and natural gas from point A to point B.

Whether regulated or non-regulated, oil, gas, or NGL's, our engineers have an intimate knowledge of pipeline appraisal and use our extensive GIS database to accurately pinpoint pipeline mileage and locations.

New pipeline construction in North America ranges in the billions of dollars. While today's demand for energy makes shale and other deposits economically viable, they are not often located in areas where infrastructure exists or is necessarily adequate. The result is an increase in new pipeline construction.

At Capitol Appraisal Group, we know the ins and outs of pipeline appraisal. Interstate, intrastate, metering stations, compressor stations, separators, storage tanks, and right of ways all have to be considered in the valuation process. EPA regulations and pollution control exemptions also complicate matters. Our seasoned appraisers take deliberate steps to account for every variable and provide you with the most accurate valuation.