Our appraisers and engineers know the ins and outs of power generation.

From gas-fired power plants to co-generation facilities, lignite coal plants to Powder River Basin coal plants, and nuclear power plants to wind farms, we have the experience to navigate the industry and arrive at an accurate market value.

Government policies and a constantly changing regulatory environment make electric generation appraisal a complex field. EPA standards for coal-fired plants, government subsidies for wind and solar generation, safety standards for nuclear power, and the price of natural gas all relate to the valuation process for electric generation facilities. Our expert research, inspection, and analysis account for each of these factors to ensure a defensible value.

How do you assess a co-generation facility whose by-product of steam is used in a chemical plant? How do EPA emission standards or the low price of alternative fuels affect economic obsolescence for a coal-fired power plant? How do you account for government subsidies for wind farms? These are a few of the concerns our experienced team can help you address.

Many coal-fired plants are planning to close in the near future because of high costs associated with new emission control standards. Like the foreclosure market’s effect on housing, we anticipate plant closures and distressed sales to affect the market value of modern coal-fired plants as well as those that expend the capital to meet the new standards. Meanwhile, heavily-subsidized wind farms are allowed rapid recapture of investment. Their generation curves do not match the electrical demand curves, so how will new super battery storage facilities affect their value? At Capitol Appraisal Group, we have the answers.